Hi, my name is Mikhael. I am 38, the father of three wonderful children. In just a few months I will not be able to breathe anymore.

This came suddenly and was caused by Dyskeratosis Congenita, a rare genetic disease that impacts one in a million. This disease affects people in various ways. A lot of us can enjoy lives almost as usual for a while but at some unpredictable point, major organs start to fail. This is my case: last year, several months after the birth of my youngest daughter, my ability to breathe started to precipitously decline. Luckily there is one place in the world―Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania―where a medical team has developed an innovative, FDA approved protocol that can save people with my condition. For me, my beloved wife and our wonderful kids it would be a miracle.

My life is not the only thing at stake.  This surgery―a complex double transplant of lungs and bone marrow―would significantly help advance medical research led by some of the best specialists in their field, and ultimately help the lives of all patients who need this surgery.

This miracle costs about 1 million dollars and I need help financing it.  Please help me by donating what you can.  Every dollar helps. You can find out more about my story, my medical details, and the latest news on my blog.


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