More excellent news!

We are having a very successful campaign among the alumnis of the French Engineering school École Polytechnique which Mikhael graduated from in 2005. The Alumni association of École Polytechnique sent an email with our campaign details to all Ecole Polytechnique alumnis. This boosted the campaign strongly: Mikhael has received plenty of personal messages and the collections have increased significantly!

A lot of support came from Ernst and Young where Mikhael worked between 2009 and 2014. The head of HR in EY France sent a note saying that following a strong internal mobilization EY France will contribute EUR 25 000 to help Mikhael in his fight.

Mikhael’s friends at Goodle USA launched an internal campaign and $35 000 have already been collected including the company 1:1 matching that will be paid later. Read more about donations through company matching here!

As a result of all these efforts, we have reached an impressive amount of 650k$ ! Many, many thanks to Mikhael’s friends, colleagues and former classmates for all their incredible support. We are getting there!

PS follow us on Instagram for more news — and check this cute support video from Mikhael’s neighbors in Stavanger, Norway!

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