Instructions for stock contributions


Thank you for your interest and support of Mikhael’s case through stock donations to the National Foundation for Transplants. Below are the instructions you will need to provide to your transfer agent. After making the transfer, it is important to notify Tim Carlew at the National  Foundation for Transplants Accounting department by email at or fax (901) 684-1128.  This will ensure there are no issues with the transfer and processing can occur quickly.  

Transfer Agent Instructions 

DTC#: 0164 Code 40 

Client Name: National Foundation for Transplants 

3249 W. Sarazens Circle, Suite 100 

Memphis, TN 38125 

P: (901) 684-6681, or (800) 489-3863 

F: (901) 684-1128 

Client A/C: 1174-6521 

Custodian: Charles Schwab, Inc. 

Contact: Ren Epperly, or Hallie Peyton 

1715 Aaron Brenner Drive, Suite 301 

Memphis, TN 38120 

P: (901) 758-9006, or (888) 326-8554 

F: (901) 758-9007 


1) Donor’s name, address, phone number, and recognition name 

Donation in honor of Mikhael Krotov

Fund address: 2268 Sun Mor Ave, Mountain View CA 94040

Phone number: +1-781-249-8778

2) State/Organ Fund (state of the organ recipient’s primary residence and organ type needed) 

State fund incorporated in California 

Organ type: Double lung and bone marrow

3) If applicable, patient honorarium/memorial (name of patient being honored or remembered) 

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget. In addition to providing the above information to the transfer agent, you should send an email or fax to Tim Carlew (, fax (901) 684-1128) with a copy of the above information. This will allow accounting to monitor the agency’s investment account to insure  the proper fund is credited. Please remember that stock donations take time to be processed, about 1-2 weeks.

Thank you once again, for your gift to the National Foundation for Transplants and for supporting Mikhael’s fight for his health! 

Feel free to email us if you have any questions,

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