Appointments scheduled for April 6; still in search for an apartment in Pittsburgh!

Mikhael has got an appointment at UPMC on April 6th! After tests taken he will be listed in the national transplants queue. We don’t know if Mikhael will have to be waiting takes days or weeks but hope for the best! Kids are happy being united but it is still quite tiring with acclimatization… Less and less days are left while we have to find an apartment: wheelchair friendly and preferably furnished with 3 bedrooms. So far sounds (again) impossible but… But we believe and would be grateful for any tips!

And here is a nice story about Mira and Tor’s trip to Pittsburgh last weekend. As some of you may know, a medical plane was not allowing many people on board and only Mikhael, Iryna and Freia Alexandra landed in Pittsburg at first. But last weekend all the family reunited as Mira and Tor (8 and 6 years old) crossed Atlantic and reached Pittsburg! All by themselves! As Mira said: food was good, cartoons were a bit for babies but ok, and she enjoyed an adventure! Tor was not as happy, but he followed his big sister and together they managed it all.

But this is not the end of the story. Actually, they were special passengers on board. Neighbor of Mikhael’s step father and friend is an AirFrance pilot. He contacted his friend who was the pilot on Mira and Tor’s flight and asked for special attention to the two small children travelling alone. He did. Here is the message about their interaction that we recently received.

Message from the captain from their flight:” We took good care of the children. Too cute. The little one is my daughter’s age. I spoke with her on the plane. She liked the flight, the movies, the food. I showed her lots of photos of my daughter. We talked about skiing, Mouans-Sartoux, Norway… I hope that her dad will recover and that would be a beautiful thing.Their life is made up of little gifts for now, I hope they get their ultimate gift soon. Good luck to all of you.”

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