Approved but not listed

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Approved but not listed.

This is the answer we have got on Tuesday this week. We have been waiting for this ever since we arrived to Pittsburgh and our eagerness and excitement rose sky high by the date of the doctors consilium. When we got it we were shocked as we didn’t understand what to think: from one side “approved” is not “rejected”, but from another side they didn’t put Mikhael on the donors list and it means that they will not look for the donor and the date of operation is still a shadow in the fog. Mikhael had a sudden drop in his oxygen consumption, he is on 5-6 liters/min during the rest and on 15 liters/min when standing up and walking. 15 is a maximum we could have at home… So we were kind of reassured that with such high oxygen numbers , we for sure should be getting on the donors list.

Doctors had a different opinion. Their verdict was: too low thrombocytes and too low prealbumin. Thrombocytes – they knew from the very beginning it’s not much we can do about it. Prealbumin is a protein made in your liver. Prealbumin helps carry thyroid hormones and vitamin A through your bloodstream. It also helps regulate how your body uses energy. If your prealbumin levels are lower than normal, it may be a sign of malnutrition.Misha is not a good eater and they will not operate him before his prealbumin levels will rise. We will be doing weekly blood checkes both for thrombocytes and prealbumin and will be waiting till the number will satisfy the doctors.

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