Mikhael is using more oxygen while at effort

A message from Iryna: Today we called our transplant coordinator to report that Misha is using more oxygen while at effort. They insisted that we should come to the emergency room for check. In the emergency room they did some basic checks: temperature, blood pressure, chest X-ray, blood analysis. Misha will be admitted to theContinue reading “Mikhael is using more oxygen while at effort”

A letter from Mikhael: he is officially approved for transplants!

Dear family, dear friends, The confirmation from the medical committee came today – I am officially approved for transplants. There are still a couple of manageable things to turn around to get on the donor search list.  Somehow they saw through my tactics of putting multiple levels of clothing and keeping my shoes and clothesContinue reading “A letter from Mikhael: he is officially approved for transplants!”

Appointments scheduled for April 6; still in search for an apartment in Pittsburgh!

Mikhael has got an appointment at UPMC on April 6th! After tests taken he will be listed in the national transplants queue. We don’t know if Mikhael will have to be waiting takes days or weeks but hope for the best! Kids are happy being united but it is still quite tiring with acclimatization… LessContinue reading “Appointments scheduled for April 6; still in search for an apartment in Pittsburgh!”

Mira and Tor have arrived in Pittsburgh

The two older kids, Mira and Tor, have joined the rest of the family in Pittsburgh. (Great) friends of Mikhael and Irina had prepared the apartment to facilitate their arrival: ready meals, shopping done, games for children… Thank you for your many comments and messages of support! Count on us to continue to keep youContinue reading “Mira and Tor have arrived in Pittsburgh”

Hooray! we raised 1 000 000$!

Dear family, friends, colleagues, supporters of my fight for life! A couple of months ago I had no hope. I would not have believed it then, but today I have $1M in collected donations, I am based 10 minutes away from the treatment center, and my first appointments are already scheduled. Yes, you read itContinue reading “Hooray! we raised 1 000 000$!”