More excellent news!

We are having a very successful campaign among the alumnis of the French Engineering school École Polytechnique which Mikhael graduated from in 2005. The Alumni association of École Polytechnique sent an email with our campaign details to all Ecole Polytechnique alumnis. This boosted the campaign strongly: Mikhael has received plenty of personal messages and the collections have increased significantly!

A lot of support came from Ernst and Young where Mikhael worked between 2009 and 2014. The head of HR in EY France sent a note saying that following a strong internal mobilization EY France will contribute EUR 25 000 to help Mikhael in his fight.

Mikhael’s friends at Goodle USA launched an internal campaign and $35 000 have already been collected including the company 1:1 matching that will be paid later. Read more about donations through company matching here!

As a result of all these efforts, we have reached an impressive amount of 650k$ ! Many, many thanks to Mikhael’s friends, colleagues and former classmates for all their incredible support. We are getting there!

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Tax free donating option through National Foundation for Transplants

Thanks to your incredible contributions we were able to collect more than $400k globally within only three days. This gives us strong hope that we can soon reach $1M to cover the cost of Mikhael’s life-saving treatment. 

We are also excited to now partner with the National Foundation for Transplants, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, allowing both cash and stock donations and making them tax-deductible in the US. For new donations please go directly to the NFT donations page.

Donations to the National Foundation for Transplants are also subject to employer matching that can double the donation amount. For example, the GE Foundation1 will double donations made by any GE employee to the above-mentioned charity if the donation is registered on the GE Philanthropy website. See FAQ about the matching program at GE. Many other companies have similar matching programs! Donating through your company matching program will double your donation! Please indicate that the donation is “in honor of Mikhael Krotov”.

In addition, NFT allows donations in stock. Read about stock contributions here and find the specific instructions for donations in honor of Mikhael here. Thank you all for your generosity and your support!

1“The GE Foundation created the concept of a corporate matching gift program in 1954. The program supports employees in their personal philanthropy/charitable giving by providing a 1:1 match. Today, the GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program continues to serve as an important element of the Foundation’s portfolio, with gifts matched in 2019 totaling nearly $18 million.” Learn more here.



Нет слов, одни эмоции!  38% от необходимой суммы собрано, а это 380.000$


Ваша поддержка, ваша помощь, ваши пожелания, сообщения, комментарии, репосты, лайки, сохранения; ваши добрые слова и вера – это чудо и волшебство, которое меня сейчас окружает!

Спасибо Вам!


Спасибо большое!

38% of the target $1 million raised in two days

We raised $380 000 in just two days from the campaign launch. This is incredible and gives so much hope! Thank you all for your support!

Mikhael’s campaign is featured on the French GoFundMe front page!

It all means so much for Mikhael, his family and his friends. But we must continue, we still have a way to go before we reach the target.


We are very grateful to you!!!


 In only 24 hours our campaign has collected 27% of the needed amount!!! Thank you all!

 We are very grateful to you!!! 

You all are our magicians and together we will create a miracle – save Mikhael’s life!!! 

We ask you not to slow down the activity and maximize the publicity of Mikhael’s story. 


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200 000 USD gathered in just one day!

Yesterday we successfully launched our crowd funding campaign and already raised 200 000$! This is incredible, thank you very much for your support! Let’s keep on going. Please share the information in your networks, subscribe to our social media channels.

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PayPal avis : les informations essentielles sur ce portefeuille électronique

Redde Mikhael

Hei, jeg heter Mikhael, jeg er 38 års, og bare om noen måneder vil jeg ikke kunne puste lenger. Sykdommen kommer plutselig og ble forårsaket av Dyskeratosis Congenita, den er svært sjelden genetisk sykdom. Heldigvis er det ett sted i verden – Pittsburgh, USA – som har muligheter behandle det. For alltid. Jeg løvet mine elskede kone og vårt tre små fantastiske barn å gjøre alt jeg kan for å få dette miraklet, men jeg trenger din hjelp til å finansiere operasjon. Hjelp meg. Her kan du finne historien min, og her kan du donere. Du kan også finne de medisinske detaljene her, og de siste nyhetene finner du i bloggen min.