Cost estimates

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How much?

The protocol that could save Mikhael is still in a clinical trial phase, and is not funded by social security or private medical insurance. Therefore, the cost for Mikhael is very high.

The cost of treatment will depend on many factors that cannot be predicted at this point, including how long Mikhael will be waiting for a donor, his condition while waiting, and his body’s reaction to the new lungs and marrow. However, certain expenses can be estimated at this stage, in particular:

  • $ 1,000,000 is the estimate provided by the UPMC * for transplants and for rehabilitation under the assumption that operations are without complications;
  • $ 150,000 for the cost of round trip transportation from Europe to the United States by air ambulance;
  • $ 90,000 (9 x $ 10,000 / month) for the cost of medications and oxygen;
  • $ 27,000 (9 x $ 3,000 / month) for a home health aide before and after hospitalization;
  • we cannot estimate at this stage the cost of pre- and post-hospitalization medical contingencies, and material costs such as medical bed, ambulance transport, unplanned hospitalization, etc.

* UPMC = University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  Mikhael’s official contact at UPMC is Kathy Iurlano.  Her full contact details can be found on our contact page. Upon request, we are happy to put you in touch with the financial representative of UPMC responsible for Mikhael’s case.

To meet these gigantic expenses, Mikhael’s friends and family have formed a support group to appeal for private donations from associations and foundations supporting medical research, as well as through crowdfunding.

On March 9th we launched a crowdfunding campaign, all the details can be found on the donate page. Feel free to contact us and leave us your contact details.

Every dollar counts to save Mikhael!

Why help Mikhael?

Mikhael Krotov is one of many victims of rare diseases. Medical research is advancing by leaps and bounds, offering immense hope to families like ours facing situations of extreme distress. Clinical trials with innovative and rigorous protocols are what helps advance medical science, but are very expensive and complex to finance because they present risks and are often not covered by insurance. In these circumstances, private donations are what keeps research going. At stake is not only the survival of a singular person, but also the possibility of validating clinical trials and making innovation accessible to as many people as possible.

The protocol that could possibly save Mikhael represents a bold new approach in response to transplantation and compatibility issues, the implications of which extend far beyond Mikhael’s disease. By helping Mikhael, you are helping a father stay with his children, and you are also helping the large community of patients who depend on these medical advances.


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